ITDU's Fall 2005 Conference: Dec. 5 2005

An International Trade Data Users (ITDU) Conference
“It’s Companies That Trade, Not Countries”
Monday December 5, 2005
The Ronald Reagan International Trade Center – Polaris Room
13th and Pennsylvania Avenues, NW
Washington, DC
This conference looks at the more detailed view of trade from the perspective of industries and companies – relating the overall trade picture by commodity to industries and individual exporters and importers. Dr. Bardford Jensen of the Institute for International Economics will explore the impact of trade on industries and companies within those industries. He will discuss the role that decreasing transportation costs (read containerization, intermodalism, logistics) and reduced tariffs have had on industry and productivity as part of his presentation “Connecting Firms, Trade, and Growth”. This has resulted in a positive impact on national and worldwide GDP growth. Brendan McCahill, president of Piers PIERS, will discuss how detailed import and export information from waterborne vessel manifests can now be linked using the DUNS number to related data on exporters, importers, and foreign shippers, and to other information available from D & B. Louise Dagit of Thomson Dialog will discuss how the commodity code in trade can be used to retrieve business information from numerous databases on international markets. The commodity trade data available enables us to use the commodity code to link with a rich array of business related information sources, from the industry down to individual company information. Robert Thompson will discuss how CenTradeX has linked trade data to different information sources in a user-friendly and attractive graphic display for use in international market research.
A panel on government trade data will feature Gerry Horner, Chief of the AES Branch at Census FTD, who will discuss the positive impact of AES on trade statistics. Jerry Greenwell will review regulations concerning the mandatory filing of export information electronically. Vanessa Ware of Census will discuss their new product that displays value and shipping weight information by mode of transport at the 4-digit Schedule D U.S. “port” detail with HS6 commodity and country detail. This transportation data is a new product available from Census for waterborne and air cargo, and should be of interest to the transportation community. The Army Corps of Engineers will discuss the impact hurricane Katrina had on the waterborne transportation data being processed in the New Orleans Data Center. We also will have a discussion of the future of the waterborne data series and its importance to the industry. Customs and Border Protection will describe the current status of electronic export manifest data in AES, the extent of carrier electronic filings, and expectations for future participation. Of keen interest will be their comments on the availability of electronic export manifest data to the public. In the past we have heard from the UN on their trade statistics. We conclude this section with a presentation from the European Commission on their collection of trade data and the data available from their EuroStat web site, which includes commodity detail with eight digit detail.
Before lunch the exhibitors and conference sponsors will have an opportunity to briefly discuss their products so that participants can make effective use of their time in viewing exhibits.
All conference participants are invited to a luncheon sponsored by PIERS, which will feature as keynote speaker C. Harvey Monk, Jr., who was recently promoted to Assistant Director for Economic Programs at the Census Bureau. He will discuss his past eleven years at the FTD and will introduce his successor, William Bostic, Jr.
Understanding and analyzing the vast amount of trade information is a challenging task. Displaying the information in graphic and geospatial format enables the viewer not accustomed to reading arrays of statistical data to quickly grasp the implications of the information. Further drill-downs and links to other information provide additional detail. We feel that the use of the html – based display of trade information on the Internet is a new frontier in trade analysis, much as the Internet was only fifteen years ago. Bill Kolarik, Director, Office of Trade and Industry Information at the International Trade Administration, will discuss and demonstrate their web application TradeStat Express for displaying trade data. MapInfo, a major provider of geospatial application software, will discuss their experiences and the issues involved with developing the display of trade data. We also expect to have participation from other government agencies and companies on their approaches.
A general membership meeting of the ITDU will follow to which all are invited. Conference participation fee is $100 ($80 for ITDU members), payable in advance by accessing our web site at . Exhibit space is available at $500, which includes conference participation for two.

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